To China for Molly

Our Molly Grace

Our Molly Grace

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just found out today that Molly's friend from the orphanage is being adopted. Yeah!! We are doing well. Adjusting good. Molly is so funny and into everything. She is very smart and like a little tape recorder. We are enjoying her tremendously. She is learning new things everyday. We are growing as a family. we are so blessed. More photos soon. Em

Friday, November 9, 2007


So glad to be home. We are getting over the jetlag. It has been rough. We are so excited about our Molly and being home. She is precious. Can't wait for all to meet her. Thanks for all the emails and posts. Talk to ya soon. I will post more photos soon. Love, Emily

Saturday, November 3, 2007

In Guangzhou-Medical

Nov 3th 2007

We are in Guangzhou and all is well. Molly had her Medical today, everything good. she has some darker color/scars like from bad diaper rash sometime before. But all is well. I did not know what that was at first.

Anyway, I will go now. Time for dinner.

Visit the orphanage

Nov 1th 2007


We visited the Orphanage today. It was so quick and very emotional for Molly and us.
There were several children in Molly's room.. One was her best friend and she was so sad. It was heartbreaking.
I would have taken her home with me if possible. Molly cried when we left. It was sad. She was ok quickly though, which made us feel better.

Molly loves to take a bath and loves Lotion. It is so cute. I will email us some more photos when we get to Guangzhou

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gotcha day!!

Monday 10/29/07 at about 10:30am.

Our Gotcha Day.

Very emotional. Several families at the office where we met our Children. Everyone crying and nervous and excited. We arrived before Molly. So we waited for about 30 min. We watched several other families receive their children. Very sweet time.
Then I saw Our Molly coming in with the Orphanage director and 2 other men.
she was so happy and so sweet.
She is funny and so cute. She has such a sweet and fun personality so far. She went right to us all. She seems to love Morgan.

She was looking at a little boy that was being adopted before we left the office and was jabbering something and then held up her thumb like "yeah". It was so funny everyone laughed. She has done that a few times. We have no Idea what she is saying. Our guide said it was just baby talk mostly. She is precious. She has had her first bath. Not too sure at first, Morgan got in the tub with her at first, then she was fine. Liked it!! She wanted out when Morgan got out. She is asleep now, went to sleep easily this time in the crib. Morgan is ready for her to wake up. We ate lunch and she is a good eater. She is tiny though. Any way, check out the photos.

Emily has trouble updating Molly's blog!
There are more photos in the photoalbum,
just klik here

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morgan's Birthday
"all I want is my sister!"

Getting Ready for the trip

We are getting ready for our trip!!! Finally!!!! WE all are so excited. I am testing out my blogging skills and they are not that good. I hope to send photos while we are in China. Pray for us to have a safe and well trip!